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Health Savings

Health Savings

Take care on your journey

A Pacific Crest health savings account (HSA) can help pay for medical expenses that your insurance doesn’t cover, plus your future medical or long-term care expenses, too — tax-free. Find out if you’re eligible to open an HSA today.

Save on taxes

Annual contributions are tax-deductible, and qualified withdrawals are free from federal income tax.

You own it

Your HSA funds stay in your account from year to year, just like an IRA. Your savings belong to you.

Grow tax-free

The dividends you earn on your savings aren’t taxed, so you can keep all the dividends you earn over time.

Take it with you

Unlike an employer HSA, this account belongs only to you. Wherever you go, you can take it with you.

More options

HSA funds can pay for medical expenses not covered by insurance, now or in the future.

Are you eligible?

Ask your tax professional if an HSA is right for you. In the meantime, you can apply for an HSA below.

Trail notes

No. An HSA is not insurance, and it’s not a replacement for health insurance. Instead, it’s a savings account that can help you pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses that your insurance doesn’t cover, like deductibles and co-pays.

Let’s say your insurance policy has a $5,000 deductible, and you need $20,000 of medical care. Your insurance will pay for only $15,000 of those expenses, leaving you to come up with the first $5,000 on your own.


This is where an HSA can really help. It empowers you to set aside money for the expenses that insurance doesn’t cover, so that when you need care, you know that your expenses are already taken care of. Meanwhile, insurance provides financial security for expenses that go well beyond what you can afford to save on your own.

Most medical, dental and vision services are eligible for HSA spending. You can also use your health savings for prescription drugs.

It can also pay for certain health insurance costs. If you’re covered under COBRA or Medicare Part A or B, you can use your HSA to continue your policy or pay for premiums. You can also use HSA money to pay for premiums if you’re currently receiving unemployment compensation. Long-term care insurance is another type of premium that you can pay for with HSA money.

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Today’s rates

Health Savings

Balance to Earn APY

Dividend Rate

Annual Percentage Yield

Rates Effective: March 1, 2022

Minimum Opening Deposit: $10.00

The dividend rate and APY may change at any time as determined by the Credit Union’s Board of Directors. Dividends are calculated by the average daily balance method which applies a periodic rate to the average daily balance in the account for the dividend period. Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings after required transfers to reserves at the end of the dividend period. The dividend period is the period of time at the end of which an account earns dividend credit. The dividend period begins on the first calendar day of the month and ends on the last calendar day of the month. Dividends will be compounded quarterly and will be credited to the account quarterly.

Federal regulation limits savings accounts to six transfers or withdrawals per month if by check, point of sale debit card, pre-authorized, automatic, telephone or computer transfer. Items presented for payment that exceed the transaction limitations will be denied.




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Reaching out

At Pacific Crest, we build partnerships and provide services designed to make a difference, while devoting hundreds of volunteer hours every year to good causes.

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Giving back

We search for organizations that are making a positive impact in our communities, whose work has a ripple effect, and put our dollars where it means the most.

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Paying it forward

To help deserving students make a difference, we offer four $1,000 annual scholarships inspired by board members who made a difference at Pacific Crest.

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