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Oct 16, 2017 @ 11:58 am — by: Pacific Crest
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Dear Members,
At around 2:00pm on Friday October 13th, an issue with our card provider’s network took down the functionality of many of our member’s debit and credit cards.  The issue took nearly seven hours to be resolved.  Once the problem was resolved, many of the transactions attempted during the outage went ahead and posted even though the purchases were never completed.

The network failed again for a short time today (Saturday, October 14th) but is once again up and running.  Our card processor is performing transaction balancing at this time to verify valid versus invalid transactions for the times the network was up and down.  This issue impacted many financial institutions so the transaction balancing process will take some time to resolve.  As soon as we have the verification of what transactions were valid and which ones were not, we will begin manually posting the corrections.  As we have several thousand cards to work through this will take some time.

I would like to extend my personal apologies to everyone this issue has impacted.  For the embarrassment of having a card declined, for not being able to make vital purchases, and for the time spent and stress caused by this incident, I am sorry.

We have been diligently doing everything we can from our end to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.
Chad Olney
Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union