Cha-Ching (13-17 Years )

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Today's teens are spending more money than ever. They spend billions and it's not just at the mall anymore. They're on the phone, they're online and they enjoy shopping. But are they financially responsible?

Some Facts

  • 63% of teens acquire their first credit card by age 19, 53% say they did not receive enough education from the card issuer.
  • 50% of college students accumulate $5,000 of debt while in school.
  • 33% of college students accumulate over $10,000 worth of debt while in school.
  • If a student charges $2,000 on a card with 18.50% interest, and pays a minimum monthly payment, it would take over 11 years to pay off the debt.

Source: Sallie Mae Foundation

Those are just a few reasons why teens need to learn about sound money management and especially the challenge of using credit cards. Teens want financial services and they want independence, but they need to learn the importance of saving. That's where Pacific Crest can help.

Open a Pacific Crest Pathfinders account today and your teenager from age 13-17 can take advantage of Cha-Ching!. It offers a fun, customizable page for your teenagers to learn financial education. The credit union also offers monthly seminars on topics such as budgeting, credit, identity theft, and more.

A copy of the youth’s birth certificate may be required to open the youth account.

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