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COVID-19 Update: Steps We Are Taking

We understand this is a time of uncertainty for many of our members.  At Pacific Crest Each Members Story Matters.  Each member’s circumstances are different and we want to assist in providing the best solution for each situation.  If you find yourself facing financial hardships during this time, we want you to know that we are here for you.  Please contact us to discuss all of the options available based upon your individual circumstances.

Here are some additional steps we are taking to help our members at this time:

  • Even though the Federal Reserve cut of the overnight target rate to 0.00%-0.25% last Sunday, we are not reducing our dividend rates on member deposits at this time.
  • We are suspending early withdrawal penalties on Term Share Certificates that have not had any transaction activity for at least seven days.
  • We are honoring our commitments to our community partners for sponsorships, donation pledges, and event support even if those events have to be canceled.
  • We do encourage you to use our Online and Mobile Banking, Telephone Banking (800.570.0265), ATMs, and Drive-Up to the greatest extent possible. Click Here to view our branch locations or to locate one of the 30,000+ ATMs nationwide that are available surcharge-free to our members.

We know that in times of uncertainty, our instinct is to gather our resources around us in our home, for some, this includes cash.  Hoarding cash, however, is not a good idea.  Cash is one of the least hygienic items we encounter in our daily lives and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 can remain on surfaces for several days making this an ideal time to use electronic forms of payment.  Additionally, remember that there are some bad people out there.  We encourage you not to make yourself an attractive target by withdrawing cash.  As long as your cash is on deposit, it is insured by NCUA for up to $250,000.

Last but certainly not least.  We want you to be informed about Coronavirus scams.  Please be aware that if the CDC or the WHO have never contacted you directly before, they are not doing so now.  They are Government Sponsored Organizations and do not need your donation.

The government does not need to contact you and get your personal information in order to send you a check.  The Federal Trade Commission has published a great article on scams that we highly encourage you to read.

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