Checking FAQs

Crest Incentive Checking Benefits

What qualification cycle requirements must I meet to qualify for certificate-like rates?
  • Active enrollment in eStatements
  • Post and clear twelve Check Card (debit) transactions per monthly qualification cycle (ATM transactions not included)
How does the dividend rate for Crest Incentive Checking work?

You will receive certificate-like rates if qualification cycle requirements are met.

  • If qualification cycle requirements are not met, you will receive 0.00% APY
  • The dividends are calculated on your daily balance and credited monthly
  • If the balance is more than $25,000.00, you will receive the current savings rate on the amount exceeding $25,000.00.
Can the dividend rate on my Crest Incentive Checking account change?

Yes. The rate may change at any time based on financial and market conditions.

If I meet the qualification cycle requirements, when will I receive my dividend payout?

On the last day of the qualification cycle month in which they were earned.

How will I know that I have qualified for the certificate-like rate?

You will receive a courtesy email that lets you know whether or not you qualified for the benefits and why.

If my account balance goes negative, will I still be able to qualify?

Yes, as long as the qualification cycle requirements are met, you have a minimum of $5.00 in your savings account, and your loans are not delinquent, you will receive your benefits.

Will I receive a 1099 at the end of the year reflecting dividends earned on my Crest Incentive Checking account?

Yes. If you earned $10.00 or more in dividends during the applicable calendar year, the credit union will post a 1099 for you within eStatements.

During what time period must I meet the qualification cycle requirements?

The monthly qualification cycle is from the first calendar day of the month through the last calendar day of the month. Qualification requirements must be met within that time period to qualify for benefits.

  • Example start date: September 1
  • Example end date: September 30

Need more help? The Crest Incentive Checking qualification cycles are on our calendar

How often must I meet the qualification cycle requirements to qualify?

On a monthly basis.

What happens if I fail to meet the qualification cycle requirements for the Crest Incentive Account?


You will receive a 0.00% APY for that monthly qualification cycle.


  • You always have a chance to start over and meet the qualification cycle requirements the very next qualification cycle month
  • You will never be charged a maintenance fee regardless of what happens!
What if I open my account late in the month and I don't have time to meet the qualification cycle requirements? Will I still earn benefits?
Yes. New Crest Incentive Checking accounts will automatically receive the benefits for the first calendar month the account is open. This will give you time to receive your check/debit card and register for eStatements. The next monthly qualification cycle will start on the first calendar day of the next month!
Do I need to have an email address to enroll in eStatements?

Yes. You will be asked for an email address when you sign up for eStatements. This email address will be used to notify you when your eStatement is ready to be viewed.

If the credit union does not have a valid email address for you, and we are unable to email you the eStatement notification, your status will change back to paper statements. Therefore, you will not meet the qualification cycle requirements for Crest Incentive Checking.

Check/Debit Card Transaction Qualification Cycle Requirement

If I use my check/debit card at an ATM, will that transaction count towards my qualification cycle requirements?

No, the twelve check/debit card purchases must be accumulated by making, posting, and clearing directly through merchants. Both pin-based (debit) and signature-based (credit) transactions count towards the qualification cycle requirement.

Can I carry forward check/debit card transactions in excess of twelve to the next month?

No, at the start of each monthly qualification cycle (the first calendar day of the qualification cycle month), your check/debit card transaction count will start over.

What if I post and clear a check/debit card transaction and it posts and clears to my Crest Incentive Checking account three days after I made the transaction? Which date will count towards meeting the qualification cycle requirements: the purchase date or the posting date?

The posting date is the only date our system can recognize when counting a check/debit card purchase.

Members Moving to Crest Incentive Checking

Will the transaction on my old checking account count towards meeting the qualification cycle requirements for my new Crest Incentive Checking account?

No, you must meet the qualification cycle requirements with your Crest Incentive Checking account. However, your account will be a free checking account the very first month you open your account even if you don't meet the qualification cycle requirements.

Will I be able to use my existing check/debit card, checks and account number with my Crest Incentive Checking account?

Yes, as long as your account number doesn't change, there is no need to order new checks or a new check/debit card.

I have officially converted to a Crest Incentive Checking account. Do I need to update my recurring bill payments and transfers within Internet Banking?

No. your setups for bill pay will stay the same. There will be no interruption of service unless your account micr number has changed. Converting an existing Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union checking account to Crest Incentive Checking will not affect this.

Other questions?

For questions, please contact us.