Direct Deposit (ACH) Q&A 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ACH transaction?
ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and is an electronic movement of funds from one party to another.
How is an ACH transaction initiated?
Once an agreement between the Originator (sender) and account holder (receiver) has been made an electronic request is generated and transmitted to the credit union.
What do I need to start a direct deposit/direct payment?
Most companies will have a form designed for their specific needs. If a written form is required and not provided a generic format is available for your use. Please come in or contact our phone center to have form completed for you. You can reach us at 541-884-1376 or 800-570-0265.
What is the Routing Number for Pacific Crest FCU?
The Routing number for all of Pacific Crest FCU branches is 323274704.
Where do I find my checking account number?
You can find your checking account number on both your monthly statements and on the bottom of your checks. Please see diagram below.
I want the transfer to post to my savings account. What number do I use?

For transfers to and from your savings accounts indicate/select “Savings” and use the membership number as the account number. The membership number can be found at the top of your monthly statement. Please see below for example.


Please note Pacific Crest FCU savings accounts are classified as “Non-Transaction Accounts”. This means under the Federal Reserve Board Regulation D no more than six (6) pre-authorized, automatic, telephone transfers, withdrawal, check, draft or debit card transactions may be made from this share (savings) account to another account or to a third party in any month. If you exceed these limitations, your account may be subject to a fee or item returned unpaid.

What if I don’t recognize the party debiting or crediting my account?
Contact the Credit Union right away if you are unsure of an item that has cleared/posted to your account. We may be able to provide you with additional information about the transfer and in most instances a contact phone number. Often times the party showing on your account history is a 3rd party hired to process the electronic payments for a business, so it is recommended to contact the sender to ensure an item is not disputed by mistake.
I have determined the item that cleared my account is fraudulent or unauthorized. What do I do now?
If you think your statement is wrong, or if you need more information about a transaction, contact us as soon as possible. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent you the first statement on which the error or problem appeared. (1) Tell us your name and account number. (2) Describe the error or the transfer you are unsure about, and explain as clearly as you can why you believe it is an error or why you need more information. (3) Tell us the dollar amount of the suspected error. We will investigate your complaint and will correct any error promptly. If we take more than 10 business days to do this, we will credit your account for the amount you think is in error; so that you will have use of the money during the time it takes us to complete our investigation.